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It is super easy to modify the R6 controls to accept the FZR throttle cables. Beyond that, it is some simple wiring.”~ThatKid

Mounting The Housing and Throttle Cables

The 2005 R6 throttle cables are too long for the FZR so you must use the stock cable. After taking the 2005 R6 controls off, I drilled out the left hole so that it was circular. Not sure what size drill bit I used but my FZR cable housing fits in there incredibly snug. I have no worries about it coming out. The stock FZR “C” shaped washer/clamp thing bolts right up to the R6 control to lock in that side of the throttle cable. I tapped the right hole to accept the FZR return cable. I used an M8 tap and it screwed right in. That is it! 2005 R6 controls for a nicer look and updated internals.

On the 2005 R6 throttle control; there is a goofy little pin on the inside that keeps them from seating on the bars correctly. My guess is that the R6 has a hole drilled into the handle to allow this pin to drop through to prevent the controls from moving. I grabbed it with some pliers and yanked it out as it is glued into the housing.

Modifying the Wiring Harness

:!:The headlight is wired permanently on once you move the key to the on position. Hitting the start button will not cut off the headlight to make more power for the starter and coils. This is easily solved by upgrading the coils to the Ford coil pack.:!:

The right side is the easiest to wire so we will start there. I am thanking Naes right now because he walked me through all of this. Cut off the FZR plug from the controls, you will be reusing it. Now cut off the plug from the R6 controls. Strip all the wires and get ready to solder them together. This is how it is going to connect. The FZR uses two red/white wires for the kill switch. Below I have illustrate how to hook up the wires from the 2005 R6 to the FZR.

FZR Color Wire2005 R6 Color Wire
Red/WhiteRed/Black(Connects to the corner red/white on the FZR plug)
Red/WhiteRed/White(Connects to the middle red/white on the FZR plug)

FZR Color Wire2005 R6 Color Wire
Yellow/Red to BlackBlack/White
Blue/Black to GreenRed/Yellow
Dark GreenDark Green

That is everything! It took some trial and error but everything is sorted out with this setup. The low beam will stay on all the time. The hi-beam switch will add the hi-beam light and the low beam will stay on as well so for those of you running non-stock headlights this may or may not be an issue. It will depend on the load being drawn if both lights are on. Anyhow, hope others go for this swap. It is somewhat nice to have 13-year newer controls on my bike!



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