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-====== Manual fan switch for FZR!!! ====== +PAFizzer600 ​is no longer ​member ​of and as such has taken his content ​with him.
- +
-You can mount this fan switch either on the left or right side of the bike on the upper vent along the plastic/​rubber the fairings bolt to in the center.  +
- +
-**You will need:​**\\ ​  +
-  * 18/16G wire +
-  * 12G spade connectors +
-  * 1 rocker switch (RadioShack Model: 275-013spst Catalog #: 275-013($2.99)) It has a plastic nut on the buttom to lock it down. We won't be hooking up the LED tho, the red dot just keeps it inconspicuous and aids in telling which way is correct. This will be the way to wire it in case the switch still works, you just want safety backup, or the switch does not work. +
-  * Drill, drill bits, wire strippers, razor blade.\\ \\  +
- +
-**Assembly**\\ ​  +
- +
-Break off the lead on the bottom for the LED. +
-Temp switch: Blue(+)/​Black(-) on the neck. Tap into the blue using the razor knife to cut a smaller cylinder ​of the plastic off of the copper(the black is always grounded, regardless of the switch being open or closed) ​and run a line to the rocker switch(center,​ or LOAD) on whatever side you mount it on. Cover the line in rubber or vinyl tape. If you use the 12g spade on the end (you make have to fold the bare copper a few times before crimping) it will slide right over, making your connection from blue wire -> center of rocker switch. +
- +
-Run a line from the fuse box on the fan fuse.(red line, just stuff it in behind it) DO NOT PUT IT ON THE RED/WHITE OR THE FUSE WILL NOT WORK. IMPORTANT. +
-Secure the line and run it on the left or ride side whichever you have the rocker in a way it wont be damaged. Cover it with vinyl/​rubber tape and run that line to the Bottom, or SUPPLY(the one you didnt break off) +
- +
-Turn the key and test the connection when you flip the switch, fan will blast on. +
- +
-Take out the supply and use the rubber or vinyl tape to seal the bottom, then slide the spade over the supply from the fuse and seal. Congratulations! A single wire switch using a perfectly good fuse! +
-You can add it into your harness and do it as fancy as you'd like. That's just the basics. Two wire switch is not needed for this DC connection because the thermo-switch only switches the power, not the ground. +
- +
-PS. This is a good switch because it is up to 25 amps, gives you a little play room. +
- +
-Now: For pictures in order. +
- +
- +
-{{:​manual_fan_switch_1.jpg?​360|Click To Enlarge}}{{:​manual_fan_switch_2.jpg?​360|Click To Enlarge}} +
-{{:​manual_fan_switch_3.jpg?​360|Click To Enlarge}}{{:​manual_fan_switch_4.jpg?​360|Click To Enlarge}} +
-{{:​manual_fan_switch_5.jpg?​360|Click To Enlarge}}{{:​manual_fan_switch_6.jpg?​360|Click To Enlarge}} +
-{{:​manual_fan_switch_7.jpg?​360|Click To Enlarge}}{{:​manual_fan_switch_8.jpg?​360|Click To Enlarge}} +
- +
-[[http://​​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=32&​t=2131|{{ :​comments.gif |}}]] +
----- +
--PAFizzer600 +
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