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 +Displacement = (((bore x bore) /# of pistons) x 3.141593 x stroke x # of pistons) / 1000)
 +56.00mm x 40.50mm = 399.01cc STOCK\\
 +57.00mm x 40.50mm = 413.38cc (+1mm bore)\\
 +58.00mm x 40.50mm = 428.02cc (+2mm bore)\\
 +59.00mm x 40.50mm = 442.90cc (+3mm bore = FZR600 pistons)\\
 +59.00mm x 54.80mm = 599.29cc STOCK\\
 +60.00mm x 54.80mm = 619.77cc (+1 mm bore)\\
 +61.00mm x 54.80mm = 640.60cc (+2mm bore)\\
 +62.00mm x 54.80mm = 661.78cc (+3mm bore)\\
 +62.00mm x 49.60mm = 598.98cc STOCK\\
 +63.00mm x 49.60mm = 618.46cc (+1mm bore)\\
 +64.00mm x 49.60mm = 638.25cc (+2mm bore)\\
 +65.00mm x 49.60mm = 658.35cc (+3mm bore)\\
 +Hybrid FZR600 crank w/ YZF600 pistons\\
 +62.00mm x 54.80mm = 661.78cc STOCK\\
 +63.00mm x 54.80mm = 683.30cc (+1mm bore)\\
 +64.00mm x 54.80mm = 705.16cc (+2mm bore)\\
 +65.00mm x 54.80mm = 727.37cc (+3mm bore)\\
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