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 +^Year^^1998 600^
 +^Bore x Stroke^|FIXME|
 +^Compression Ratio^|FIXME|
 +^Max power (rear tyre)^|FIXME|
 +^Max Torque^|FIXME|
 +^Front Suspension^|FIXME|
 +^Rear Suspension^|FIXME|
 +^Front Brakes^|FIXME|
 +^Rear Brakes^|FIXME|
 +^Front Tire^|FIXME|
 +^Rear Tire^|FIXME|
 +^Dry Weight^|FIXME|
 +^Fuel Capacity^|FIXME|
 +^Consumption ​ average^|FIXME|
 +^Braking 60 - 0 / 100 - 0^|FIXME|
 +^Standing ¼ Mile^|FIXME|
 +^Top Speed^|FIXME|
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